The Artist

i'm a 29 year old hardcore pinko vegan pacifist metalhead loner blue-oyster-cult-worshipping computer nerd and sometimes revolutionist.  you know, one of those.  i'm also the webmaster of, and a reluctant career cook.  you can send me hate mail and/or love letters here.

The Format

i love comics.  i've wanted to make my own for as long as i can remember, but felt limited by an inability to draw. when I read a softer world for the first time, all that changed.  it rewired my brain.  after wading through its archives and others like it, the proverbial wheels were in full spin.

The Photos

i guess photography has always been my birthright.  my father, and his father before him, were shutterbugs.  in the spring of 2005, I picked up a fuji finepix s3000 digital (and a finepix s5000 in the months following) and was on my merry way to joining them. "dreaming out loud" draws upon a motley assortment of their kodachromes and my own snapshots.

The Font

in 2005, i acquired a mid-30's underwood portable typewriter.  on a whim, i set out to create a typeface from this unit.  after a few hours of typing, scanning, and hurling expletives at my outdated version of fontographer, "underwood jack" was born (duly named for my grandfather).  you can download the beta version here.

Thank You

Robyn & Mike Piper:  a perfect marriage of pictures and words.

Joan & Paul Pelon:  they conceived & birthed me, so in some way, this is all their fault.

Emily & Jack Pelon: faith.  honesty.  hard work.  integrity.  so many little lessons, and a debt i can never repay, in this life or any other.

Jim Tyrrell:  musician, artist, dreamer, friend.  he may just be the coolest guy I know.

Devin Eldridge:  not only does she take some of the photos, but tolerates the late nights, moodiness, and other unsavory byproducts of the creative process.


Thank you all so much.  Stay metal.

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