Six New Hampshire artists (and one unidentified poet writing under a nom-de-plume) have not only completed a year-long art project but will also be holding an event to celebrate the projects completion at The Village Perk-- a Main Street coffeehouse in Meredith-- on Thursday, June 22nd.

The TwinGeekz Artz Project (TGAP) was a year-long commitment by the TwinGeekz (and a few friends) to share their creativity with the world at Each posted a piece of art in his or her chosen medium once a week, for a year. The idea for the project took form when, after viewing Salvador Dali's masterworks at a Florida museum, artist Michael Piper was inspired to create a single piece of art that would take him at least one year to complete. When Piper shared his idea with musician Jim Tyrrell, Tyrrell suggested that instead of one piece of art over one year, Piper should attempt to create one piece of art a week for one year. If you do, Tyrrell said, Ill do the same. Since Tyrrell already had the TwinGeekz website and was looking for a project to occupy it, the others were invited to participate and the project was born. Tyrrell and Piper also attribute some of the inspiration for the idea to internet groups such as National Novel Writing Month, SongFight, and others who share the idea that sometimes all you really need to create beautiful art is a strict deadline.

The project first went live on the web on May 8, 2005 with the original seven artists: Jim & Celeste Tyrrell, both of Campton; Michael & Robyn Piper of Moultonborough; Heather Ouellette-Cygan of Belmont; Bill Pelon of Meredith; and Bobby, whose anonymity was protected by a nom-de-plume. They have also been joined over the year by ten other guest artistz, who have submitted occasional works in a variety of media.

Jim Tyrrell, co-founder of the Artz Project and webmaster of can be seen in the area both as a solo musician and as a member of several local bands, including No Limitz and the Jeremy Dean Band. A listing of venues and performance times can be found at The second co-founder, Michael Piper, is an artist who works in various media but is currently focusing on what he calls intuitive pastels. Some of these pastels can be seen at The Gallery at Mill Falls, and a more diverse collection of his art is available for viewing at
Celeste Tyrrell, wife of musician Jim, expressed her creativity through the camera lens. Her body of work is a thoughtful and sometimes humorous observation of the events of a year in rural New England, through the eyes of a mother and nature lover.

The collective also included three poets, one of whom will continue to remain anonymous. Heather Ouellette-Cygan, a teacher of English and lover of language, brings to the collective a unique voice that often begs the reader to continue thinking about the subject matter long after a poem concludes. Robyn Piper has shared a years worth of emotion in her works, using personal experiences to illuminate lifes larger questions in the hope that her personal narrative will resonate with others. The anonymous poet Bobby worked in haiku, a Japanese poetry known for its strict limitations, requiring the writer to distill the description of an image or feeling down to its barest form. The groups final original member, Bill Pelon, worked in a medium he calls Graphic Poetry which is comprised of a three-frame photographic background over which he places brief but powerful text. He originally discovered the concept at a website called and has created his own version in order to visually express his creativity, something he thought was impossible because, he says, "I cant draw." This medium has allowed Pelon to share his insights without feeling constrained by his artistic limitations. He maintains a website called, at which his body of work may be viewed.

The TwinGeekz invite you to peruse their 52 weeks of creativity at and to join them at the Village Perk on June 22nd for a showing of their workz. All are welcome to attend and experience the art in person, as well as to meet the artistz responsible for collectively creating 364 pieces of art in a single year. For more information about TwinGeekz or the event or if you might be interested in participating in the next artz project send an e-mail to For more information about the Village Perk, call 279-5975.


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